Robin Waite –
Business Coach

How I Work

My coaching programme was born out of a deep passion for business and personal development. I always strive to improve the efficiency and profitability within the companies I run. My 16 years experience in business helps my coaching clients on a daily basis within their businesses.

I believe the central core to my coaching programme can help ANY business. Making it more profitable and less stressful. I believe in working hard, all of the time, and ALWAYS being the coach.

My Background

From 18-22 I worked as a systems analyst for a medical devices company, helping them to grow from £1m to £1.5m turnover. During that time 5 people were made redundant due to the systems I introduced making the company more profitable.

From 2004 to 2014 I ran a successful design and advertising agency serving over 250 clients. I delivered workshops and masterclasses to over 1,000 business owners on subjects including marketing, product architecture, pricing, websites and digital advertising.

Robin Waite - Business Coach

Other facts about me

I am a devoted husband and father of 2 young girls.

I am a mad keen road cyclist and can often be seen hurtling down Frocester Hill at 50mph.

I don't like cycling up hills.

When I do drink, I love a pint of pale ale.

Audiobooks are how I learn, I'm not so keen on reading.

My presenting coach has nicknamed me "The Gatling Gun" because of how fast I talk.

I lost my Dad in Oct 2013. I think of him every day.

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